Ex Tempore

The aim of Ex Tempore is to cover the work of the Supreme Court of Ireland.  The site previews upcoming cases and offers commentary on the Court’s decisions. More broadly, Ex Tempore explores the Court’s history, its place in the Irish system of government, and its relationships with other courts.

Why “Ex Tempore”?

“Ex Tempore” is a lawyers’ latin term meaning, roughly, “at the time.”  Unusually for a Supreme Court, the Irish Supreme Court resolves a large proportion of its cases ex tempore, by issuing its decision orally at the conclusion of the argument, without issuing a written judgment.  The name “Ex Tempore” also captures the strengths and limits of any blog that covers a working Court: the blog posts are timely and off-the-cuff.

The Author

I’m Paul MacMahon. I am currently a Lecturer on Law and Climenko Fellow at Harvard Law School. Here you can find more about my scholarship, some of which flows from this blog.