It’s the last week of term before the Court takes its Easter break. There are four cases set for hearing and the two new judges will make their debuts.

On Monday, the Court hears Doyle v. Banville, a Dublin personal injuries case; the plaintiff was unsuccessful in the High Court. The appeal will be the first hearing as a Supreme Court judge for Judge Clarke (who will sit with the Chief Justice and Judge McKechnie). The first hearing for Judge MacMenamin as a Supreme Court judge will be on Wednesday, when he, along with the Chief Justice and Judge Murray, will hear CT v. HSE. I can’t find an electronic High Court judgment for either of these cases. The same is true of a case set for hearing on Tuesday, Weldon v. Dublin City Council.

Nor can I figure out what happened in the High Court in O’Brien v. Associated Newspapers, which three judges will hear on Tuesday. The case involves Denis O’Brien’s libel suit against the Daily Mail over an article questioning the motives behind his charitable work in Haiti (see here). But I haven’t been able to work out what happened in the High Court last year.

Mr O’Brien is, of course, a frequent visitor to the Supreme Court. It’s worth noting, however, that — despite my guess a year ago — he hasn’t brought an action challenging the ultimate findings of the Moriarty Report. Will the Mahon Report produce more litigation? Owen O’Callaghan has been threatening another judicial review action (this one ended in a Supreme Court defeat). Even Bertie hints that he might challenge the Tribunal’s findings. ┬áSo perhaps the legal profession will squeeze a few more Euros out of this one. ┬áThere’s always the (faint) prospect of criminal prosecutions too.